Social responsibility

For over six decades, „Vino Župa” has been the carrier of not only economical, but of overall development of Aleksandrovac municipality and Župa region as whole. Both before and after the privatization the company was known for its great social responsibility.

This is evident, first and foremost in the employment of a large number of people, who have linked existence of their families to „Vino Župa”.

In recent years, the company has been recognized for its young and professional staff.

It also continues with all forms of cooperation with agricultural producers, which is being improved every year. „Vino Župa” strives to enhance this cooperation, especially with regard to the expansion of the raw material base in Župa region and beyond.


„Vino Župa” financially supported football clubs in the region. Football club ,,Župa” as the oldest and the most successful club, was a stable member of Serbian league for decades, thanks to financial and personnel support of „Vino Župa”.

Between 1977. and 1986. A.D.“Vino Župa” also has its own football club, which competed for many years successfully in the regional league.

Thanks to the support of „Vino Župa”, handball club ,,Župa” played the first handball league of Serbia for many years. In the 2006/2007 season, ,,Župa” won a convincing first place and thus achieved the greatest success in the history of sport in this region – Super league entry.

„Vino Župa” has also financially supported other clubs, as well prominent individuals in various sports.

The company was the sponsor of the Serbian Handball team at the 2015. European Men’s and Women’s Championships.


As for tourism, especially wine tourism, A.D.Vino Župa selflessly supported from the very beginning the largest and the most famous economic and tourist event „Župska Berba”.

This oldest and most visited Serbian event which celebrates grapes and wine is unimaginable without „Vino Župa” and its products.

The fountain of wine, unique in the world, where „Župska ružica” flows instead of water, as well as wooden barrels where you can buy products of „Vino Župa”, are only the part of contribution of our company to tourism in Župa.

It should be noted that throughout the year, „Vino Župa” is visited by numerous tourists from Serbia and abroad and that everyone leave amazed, not only by its capacities, technology and assortment, but also by its hospitality.


Two years ago, at the initiative of a number of cultural lovers, thanks to the proper understanding of this area of social life in A.D. Vino Župa, an art gallery was founded inside the company.


The gallery is located in a beautiful space of an old wine cellar. It has its own program council, which consists of well-known and recognized cultural representatives.

By organizing numerous cultural events during the year, A.D. „Vino Župa” opens its doors to all people in Župa and people of good will from all sides of the world.

We especially value the visit of young people from kindergarten, students from primary and high schools.

„Vino Župa” supported construction of various memorials from our glorious past, including a monument of Winegrower, in the centre of Aleksandrovac.

All activities of the Art gallery „Vino Župa” in 2016. were performed with connection to the celebration of 60 years of foundation and successful work of the company.

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