„Vino Župa“ A.D. is one of the leaders in the production of wine and fruit juices in Serbia and region, well known and respected on European and world market.

By developing production and fruit processing, it has become one of the leading producers in our country.

With professional staff and systematic cooperation with institutions at home and abroad, new products, that meet the demands of every market, have been developed.

In management process we apply world standards and practices in terms of quality, consumer health protection, environmental protection, employee health and safety.

Vino Župa is a leader in the development of primary fruit and vegetable production in region through systematic and organized expert assistance to producers in increasing production areas and product range.

Quality control and standards

Scope of certification

„Vino Župa” has selected, documented, implemented and maintained an integrated management system and is continuously improving its efficiency in accordance with the requirements of standards:

  • SRPS ISO 9001:2015
  • HCCP
  • SRPS EN ISO 22000:2018

The quality management, food safety, environmental protection, health and safety systems include the entire production program and all the organizational units of Vino Župa at the following locations:


Kruševačka 36

  • Alcohol production – cellar (for wine production and spirits production)
  • Fruit juice factory – (with production lines for aseptic purees, concentrated fruit purees, marmalades, new line for concentrated fruit juices, separator department with lines for nectar juices, fruit drinks, fruit wines, fruit syrups)
  • Refrigerated warehouse
  • Bottling plant with production lines for PET, glass and tetrapack packaging
  • Finished products warehouse
  • Raw materials warehouse


Kralja Petra I bb

  • Refrigerated warehouse

The whole process at „Vino Župa” is divided into the following groups:

  • Management process,
  • product creation process,
  • the support process,
  • the improvement process.

Within all major processes, individual processes and their subprocesses were identified, the order of their realization and interactions was examined and the required documentation was provided to ensure the necessary harmony in the realization of all processes.

Process owners were named for managing processes. The responsibilities and powers of the process owners are defined in the Rules of the Quality Managements System.

Process owners monitor process performance using defined parameters and apply needed measures in order to achieve planned results and to continually improve the process.

The following processes are outsourced at „Vino Župa”.

  • Laboratory testing
  • Transport
  • Vehicle maintenance
  • Software maintance
  • Disinsection and pest control
  • Calibration of measuring equipment
  • Waste removal
  • Measurements of the parameters of the working environment (noise, temperature, electricity, humidity, emissions of harmful substances into water, earth, air…)

The management of outsourced processes Vino Župa performs through service contracts.

The general manager and top management demonstrate leadership and commitment to the customer, ensuring:

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