Fruit concentrates and purees

In order to have continuous production of fruit juices throughout the year ,,Vino Župa“ has invested a lot in the production of fruit purees, concentrated fruit purees and fruit concentrates.

The fruit juice factory is equipped with modern equipment for processing fruit into fruit purees, concentrated fruit purees and fruit concentrates. Those products are used in the production of fruit juices and nectars, as well as being sold to buyers who later use them in their own production.

Microfiltration units and vacuum filters as well as other equipment are used in the production which enables premium quality of our products. Fruit purees and concentrates produced in our fruit processing factory are in high demand worldwide.


Concentrated fruit juices are juices where naturally contained water is removed physically by appropriate technological procedures, with all the specific characteristics of a parent fruit preserved. Concentrated fruit juices are later used in production of fruit juices, nectars and syrups.

,,Vino Župa” has 60-years long tradition in production of clear fruit concentrates. Proper selection of fruit sorts from the terrain with favorable climatic conditions and rich experience ensure the production of high quality concentrated juices which are in compliance with all the quality standards.

The juices from the following fruits are being concentrated: apple, quince, sour cherry, plum, blackberry, raspberry, blueberry, strawberry, grape, kiwi and orange.


The modern concentrate production line consists of:

  • Two presses
  • Separator
  • Vacuum filter
  • Two microfiltration units
  • Three evaporating stations, including one low temperature station

Fruit purees

Fruit puree is pasteurized product of relevant consistency obtained by the use of state-of-the-art  technological procedure by processing fresh and selected crops. It is then in sterile conditions filled into aseptic bags which are placed in metal drums and PVC barrels weighing 200-300kg.

With additional water evaporation from the fruit puree we produce a concentrated fruit puree.

The ,,Asepsystems” Italy line with 10t/h of fresh fruit capacity is used for the production of fruit puree and concentrated puree from the following fruits:

– Apples, pears, strawberries, raspberries, peaches, apricots, plums, sour cherries.

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