Refrigerated Warehouses

„Vino Župa” pays great attention to purchasing and processing of fruit and therefore has invested a lot in Refrigerated Warehouses, which are used for freezing, sorting and storage of fruit. Refrigerated warehouses are prerequisite for exporting frozen fruits and they provide necessary raw material for a continuous production process throughout the year.


Refrigerated Warehouses

Reconstruction and upgrade of refrigerated warehouses provided 10.000 t of storage space for fruit.

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Such refrigeration capacities which place „Vino Župa“ at the very top of Serbian frozen fruit producers, ensure that it holds sufficient quantities of fruit for further processing and enable continues operation throughout the year.

The warehouses are modernly equipped and have kernel ejectors making „Vino Župa“ a significant European company in cherry processing, which is in high demand on the world market lately.

Cooling tunnels, washing and inspection machines as well as metal detectors are all an integral part of the equipment.

The OPTYX machine,  which is installed in refrigerated warehouse located in Brus, is state-of-the-art equipment for optical picking, allowing frozen fruit (blackberries, raspberries, strawberries…) to reach world market without the slightest impurities.

Deep frozen fruit is produced through the modern technological process of rapid freezing in cooling tunnels, which ensures complete preservation of color, taste, aroma and consistency of the product.

The quality of frozen fruits is controlled by an acredited and certified laboratory „Alfa Lab“.

Frozen goods are delivered accompanied by physico-chemical and microbiological analysis with special reference to the presence of pesticides and heavy metals.

Refrigerated warehouses are ISO and HAACP certfied.

Today „Vino Župa“ is a major exporter of frozen fruits and supplies large number of companies in food processing industry.


Frozen fruit

Frozen fruit as a semi-finished product is a very important element in the business of „Vino Župa“.

When fruit reaches technological maturity, it can be stored in fresh state for only a few days and  slightly longer under the special conditions  (temperature and humidity). Without preservatives,  until the next harvest, frozen fruit can be only stored in cooling chambers.

The fruit prepared for freezing must be healthy, fresh, with typical aroma and color for the variety, with no foreign odors or impurities. In our warehouses, freezing is being done in the flow tunnel ( lasting only few minutes), or in classic tunnels (lasting several hours) where freon is used as the coolant.

The importance of freezing is that a large number of difference fruit species (berries, with stone or apples), can be used after defrosting for making juices, marmalades, compotes.

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