Unity of tradition and natural wealth of Župa!


Vino Župa is one of leading companies in Serbia for production and trade of wide range of products. Company relies on it’s rich tradition, dating back to the year of 1956, as well as on the climate of the Župa region, which gives us divine fruits and grapes. We use those divine gifts of mother nature to make products of the highest quality.



Wine with tradition that keeps up with the time. Now, in this new attire, it finds it’s way to all celebrations. This is the wine of harmonic taste – perfect choice for the devotees of white wines.

naslovna - naslovna-rizling
naslovna - naslovna-rose


There are not a lot those who passed through Serbia and haven’t tried Vino Župa’s Rose 10… made from red kinds od grape. Tested quality. Now, it shines even brighter!


Legendary recipe that we inherited from the ancient Romans. They called it “the wine for enjoyment”.

naslovna - naslovna-kuvano-vino
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